Home Economics

Our county's Extension home economics program is committed to providing information to help families deal with the complex issues of today.

Our programs focus on:

  • Improving consumer and family skills
  • Building leadership skills

We teach through:

  • Local programs
  • Community projects
  • Group training sessions

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Food Safety

Food Safety is a constant concern in Union County. Child and Adult Care Providers, Food Service employees, various organizations who have food fund raisers, concession stands etc, are areas where Food Safety needs to be addressed.

Food & Nutrition Education

Union County has a high rate of clientele living in the low income level area. Low income populations face problems that come with inadequate nutrition. Many individuals receive Food Stamps, WIC and commodities, but make poor food choices with their food assistance dollars. They need instruction on how to spend their food dollar wisely. By reaching youth and adults with effective nutrition education, this will promote healthy eating and food management practices.